Pokemon GO made $200 million in its first 30 days of release.

Pokémon GO made $200 million in its first 30 days of release.

Pokémon GO, the hot new game that allows users to “catch” Pokémon on the streets through a virtual reality app, has made a record $200 million in worldwide revenue since it launched on July 6, according to information provided by Sensor Tower.

To put things in perspective, Sensor Tower analyzed the first 30 days of two other “wildly successful” mobile game launches, Clash Royale, which was released in March, and 2014’s Candy Crush Soda Saga. Clash Royale earned $125 million in its first 30 days, while Candy Crush Soda Saga earned about $28 million (Sensor Tower noted that Pokémon GO earned about seven times as much as Candy Crush Soda Saga in its first 30 days of release).

“Daily usage of Pokémon GO remains on par with our most recent report, averaging about 26 minutes in total,” according to Sensor Tower. “With this historic first month in the books, we look forward to what Niantic will deliver to satisfy the wishes of its game’s millions of actively engaged fans.”

VentureBeat noted that, at one point, Pokémon GO was making about $10 million a day near the end of July.

“Pokémon GO has plenty of opportunities to keep players engaged. Right now, it features most of the original 151 Pokémon, but more than 700 of the catchable creatures exist in the games. Developer Niantic can eventually add more to its mobile title, as well as requested features, like trading and battling,” according to VentureBeat.


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