Hill Climb Game Earn €180 million

Finnish mobile game studio says total downloads across its Hill Climb Racing games have surpassed 2 Billion across platforms.

The hugely popular IP consists of the entertaining physics-based driving games Hill Climb Racing, its sequel Hill Climb Racing 2, and a Chinese Android version. Combined, the games have accumulated over €180 million in NET revenue.

“We first launched Hill Climb Racing in 2012, which makes us quite the veterans in the mobile gaming industry already. However, it seems the charm of Hill Climb Racing shows no signs of fading, and out of the 2 Billion installs more than 1.5 Billion have been for Hill Climb Racing alone. Last year the original Hill Climb Racing gained over 220 million new players, and was played by over 4 million users per day on average,” says Jaakko Kylmäoja, CEO at Fingersoft.

Launched in 2016, Hill Climb Racing 2 followed the success of its predecessor, introducing asynchronous multiplayer features, character and vehicle customization, and later on the game has grown with teams, leagues, and recurring LiveOps events. In 2021, Hill Climb Racing 2 grew with approximately 70 million new players and had on average 1.35 million daily users.

Hill Climb Racing also has a Chinese Android version, which was published together with MyGamez, and it has accumulated more than 500 million downloads.

Having surpassed 1 Billion downloads in 2018, the Hill Climb Racing IP has only picked up speed in doubling its installs in four years. Having first expanded organically, in recent years Fingersoft has focused more efforts into user acquisition.

“To many, Hill Climb Racing is one of the first apps they will install on a new phone. It’s easy to pick up but challenging to master. We continuously add new content to the games to keep them exciting. It is wonderful to see how our games still appeal to players after all these years, and that new players keep joining our community. To all of our players, we say thank you, two billion times and more,” Jaakko Kylmäoja says.

Fingersoft and Hill Climb Racing are celebrating a 10th anniversary this year. Hill Climb Racing was created in 2012 by Toni Fingerroos, who also founded Fingersoft. From a one-man company, Fingersoft has grown into a game studio that today houses 100 employees. Last year Fingersoft published its latest game Boom Karts, and the company has more projects under development.

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