Fantastic Force Metal Army

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game overview

Are you ready to accept the challenges .?
Certainly you are on the right path, This game is going to challenge your fighting spirit, your concentration power & how fast you can learn, so keep high the passion in you to crack this game.

Key Features Of Game :-
– More than 150 exciting shooter tasks, including 5 special game type
– 5+ featured scenes and maps.
– 5+ weapons, epic weapons waiting for you.
– 5+ game characters

How To Play :- Simple but Exciting

Be aware from all the Enemy while running, Shoot on the right time, jump while running when something stops you on the path. slide down when some other goons are comes to kill you. keep your eyes on all over the screen because it’s hard to find what challenge is about to come.

This game is completely a surprise package, you can play it individual or you can also challenge your buddies to check if they can clear the level how far you did.

So what are you waiting for….
Download Once & Enjoy All The Time.
release date
26 Nov 2023
Action, Adventure

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